Kryon Messages & Channelings

Date Topic or Location
Kryon in Reykjavik - Iceland
FromTeaching to Shamanship
God's Plan | The Train is Comming | The Unique Human | The New Help - Nodes and Nulls | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
Shamanic Teaching Wheel
The Soul Revealed | Cycles | Triggering the Akash | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
The Journey of the Human Soul | The Overview of Love | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
The Shift - 2020 | Working With Spirit - LOVE | New Tranferance Gift | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
Sacred Assignment Summit
The Kryon 30th Anniversary - Cancun, Mexico
Consciousness Shift - NOW | 2020
The Future Of The Sisterhood
Dallas - Texas
Kryon Shamanic Tour 2019
The Path of Love
The Winds of Change
What is Your Perception of God?
Austin - Texas
Seeds of Humanity’s Future
Chicagoland - Itasca - Illinois
Budapest Seminar & Excursion
The Kryon 30th Anniversary Berlin Tour
Meditation | Five Basic Changing Truths | What is Truth? | Peeling the Onion of Self | For the Bulgarians
The Wisdom Pineal Choir - 2019
Kryon Kauai Hawaiian Adventure 2019
Flowers of Remembrance are Blooming
Invisible Things Part 1-3 | The Realization of Love | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
Kryon Channelling Retreat #2
Elements of The Spark P1 | Elements of The Spark P2 | The Gaia Grid | Targeting The Future | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
Meeting a Star Mother
The Spark | Old and New Messages | Back to Basics | The New Connection | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
Consciousness Entanglement with a Star Mother
About Channelling | The Akash of the OLD SOUL | The Battle (in the old energy) is Over | The Tapestry
The Sisters of the Mountain
Lemurian Teaching Wheel Intensive
Sitting in the Shadow of the Mountain
Kryon Channelling Retreat #1
Meld with the Field | Human Evolution | The Expanded Innate | Who is Speaking? | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
The Plan | Too Smart to Look | Connected | Opening the Door | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
Respect and Honor
The Azores Islands - Portugal
Pass Through the Wall of Belief
Straight to the Goal | The Wall of Belief | The Creative Old Soul | The New Lightworker | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
Kryon Epic Egypt Tour 2019
Let the Program Run
Always There | The Walk-in and the NDE | The Alliance | The Rules | Sunday Q&A with Lee Carroll
Amplified Synchonicity | The Golden Line | The Song of Earth | The Meaning of One-ness |
The Music of the Star Mothers
New Paradigm for All | The Dark Days of Light | The List | God in a Box
Awakening Souls | The Polarity of the Past | Love is All | Healer's instructions - 2019